Study Materials

SMRP’s white papers, webinars, and technical manuals offers various ways to learn about topics relevant to the CMRP and CMRT exams.

Prepare for Your Exam

To remain impartial in ‎the certification process, SMRPCO does not offer or endorse preparatory ‎materials. ‎However, there are numerous educational resources available from SMRP to learn ‎about topics relevant to the CMRP and ‎CMRT exams.‎

Study Materials

There are several resources that can aid in preparing the for the exams.‎

Candidate Handbook

In-depth look at the ‎certification process – ‎from applying, to ‎testing, and maintaining ‎SMRPCO certification 
Click here to download the Spanish version.

CMRP Roadmap

Guide to the educational ‎materials and resources ‎needed to ‎adequately ‎prepare for the CMRP ‎exam

Body of Knowledge

Comprehensive ‎reference about the ‎subject areas to master ‎for successfully earning ‎certification

Preparing for Recertification

CMRP and CMRT certificants must meet recertification requirements during the three-‎year certification cycle to retain certified status for each subsequent three-year cycle. ‎Certificates must acquire 50 course hours from a combination of two or more activities ‎as described in the Recertification Activities Categories section of the Recertification ‎Handbook. ‎